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Total Home Automation in Katy, TX

What was once only Saturday morning science fiction — video chatting, voice controls, a computer that could search known information in minutes — has become science fact in recent years. And even though we don’t have George Jetson’s flying car yet, you can still live your life in a home that matches the projected “home of the future” with the aid of home automation.

INSTALLPROS of Katy, TX, can help you live a life of ease with our home automation service packages. Call for an appointment to see how we can automate your home for maximum ease and comfort.

An Investment in Comfort and Savings

Smart home hubs have gained attention in recent years for their ability to let you control the climate and water use in your home conveniently, as well as the energy savings these systems provide. They certainly make saving energy convenient — most of the control apps on a phone are easier to figure out than older thermostats, as designers create these apps with an easy user experience in mind.

However, the comfort factor of total home automation has fallen by the wayside in the eyes of many homeowners, when in reality this is a top reason to invest in these systems.

Technology brings the four pillars of automation – climate, lighting, entertainment and security – together in a single application interface for the homeowner. This comprehensive whole-home control, termed The Single App Home, delivers the premium experience in all of Home Automation and is offered through both an iOS and Android™ application

The time and energy you spend maintaining the climate, light levels, and pleasant appearance of your home may seem small. However, these uses of your time and energy add up in a big way.

With home automation from INSTALLPROS, these processes can be automated and taken off your hands. You can simply program when your outside lights will turn on and off, when your sprinklers operate, when your pool will clean itself, when your doors lock, and even the workings of your home security system can be set and easily managed from your phone.

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